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Strain CFBP 5888

Erwinia piriflorinigrans
Type strain   Genome on NCBI   Genome on GOLD   Circle KI-S

López et al. 2011, sp. nov.

CFBP recommended (recA, leuS)

Other names : Gardan L. 12510

Isolated by Milagros-Lopez 2057-5

Isolated from Pyrus communis var. Ercolini ()

Strain transmitted to the collection in 2001

Publications :
-Lopez M.M., Rosello M., Llop P., Ferrer S., Christen R. and Gardan L. (2011) Erwinia piriflorinigrans sp. nov., a novel pathogen that causes necrosis of pear blossoms. Int. J. Syst. Evol. Microbiol. 61: 561-567

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