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Strain CFBP 7245

Xanthomonas dyei
Type strain   Circle KI-S

Young et al. 2010, sp. nov.

Other collection accession numbers : ICMP 12167, NCPPB 4446, DSM 110537

Isolated in 1993 by Young J.M.

Isolated from Metrosideros excelsa Sol. Ex Gaertn. (angular leaf lesion with a dark non-discrete margin)

Pathogenicity : Not proved pathogenic in tests on Metrosideros excelsa, Dysoxylum spectabile or Laurelia novae-zelandiae

Geographic origin : New Zealand Bay of Plenty Omahanui

Strain transmitted to the collection in 2009 by ICMP

Publications :
Young J.M., Wilkie J.P., Park D.-C., Watson D.R.W. New Zealand isolates of plant pathogenic bacteria characterized by multilocus sequence analysis; proposal of Xanthomonas dyei sp. nov. Plant Pathology 2010;59:270–281 Young J.M., Park D.-C., Shearman H.M., Fargier E. 2008. A multilocus sequence analysisof Xanthomonas. Systematic and Applied Microbiology 31, 366-377

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