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Strain CFBP 7437

Aminobacter anthyllidis
Type strain   

Maynaud et al. 2013, sp. nov.

CFBP recommended (16S rDNA)

APA statut : OK

Other collection accession numbers : LMG 26462

Other names : STM 4645, LMG 26462

Isolated in 2007 by Maynaud G. et al. (STM4645)

Isolated from Nodosité d´Anthyllis vulneraria (Anthyllis Vulneraria´s node (nitrogen- fixing symbiosis))

Pathogenicity : Not pathogenic

Geographic origin : France Mine d´Eylie

Strain transmitted to the collection in 2011 by Brunel B. < Maynaud G. < Tisseyre P.

Publications :
Maynaud G. et al. Systematic and Applied Microbiology 35 (2012) 65-72. Molecular and phoenotypic characterizatio, of strains nodulating Anthyllis vulneraria in mine tailings, and proposal of Aminobacter anthyllidis sp. nov., the first definition of Aminobacter as legume-nodulating bacteria.

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